How long does a mattress last? After how many years must it be replaced?

We still talk about mattresses, making a provocation: how long does a mattress last? The answer is not as brief as one might normally expect; rather. The speech is really long and complex, almost as if we were talking about cars because the factors to be considered are very numerous and must all be taken into due consideration.

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The “mattress mileage”:

To understand how long a mattress lasts we’ll start by comparing it to any car; not a custom-built vehicle that stays 200 days a year in the garage or the jeep you use at the weekend to go to the mountains. You have to think about your first car, the one you go with and come back every day from work; do the shopping; Sunday trips and accompanies the children to football so a means that you use 100%, for many hours a day for every day.

Here, the mattress should be considered as a car of this type, which is used for about 8 hours every day at an average speed of 40 km / h, on urban and non-urban roads.

In practice, it would be as if you traveled with it 320 kilometers a day (always respecting the limits). Obviously, the speech we are making is abstract because the mattress is not going anywhere; it serves, however, to make you understand to the fact that it is in any case subjected to a certain amount of stress which, regardless of the type of mattress and its price, will determine its wear.

Who uses the mattress and how do you use it?

Having made this brief introduction it is important, to determine how long a mattress lasts, to understand who will rest on that mattress. Therefore its weight, its stature, and its habits significantly affect the level of wear of the mattress.

Obviously, a mattress that is used every day by a person of 80 kilograms will have a shorter life than a mattress that is used during the holidays by a girl of 40 kilograms; but this is logical.